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This is the first (and last) time I’m doing a bundle like this.

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Unlock the key to an unforgettable style and become free in your breaking?

Do original footwork every round … without remembering a single move?

Take your windmill from beginner to pro in record time?

Finally understand how the world’s best breakers rock the beat with so much style and finesse?

That’s all possible because you’ll get the four essential courses that every b-boy or b-girl needs when you join:

“The 40 Years of Knowledge Bundle”

Here’s a brief overview of each course:

Master Your Foundation: Our original course for beginners and masters alike with 100+ videos demonstrating the proper technique and form breaking’s foundation as well as the mentality and culture

14 Styles of Footwork: The first framework of its kind to help breakers tired of running out of steps and want to develop their own original footwork style

Windmill Mastery: The world’s most efficient, effective and pain-free windmill course that can take you from absolute beginner to an absolute raw beast


Mr. Wiggles Hip Hop & Party Rock: Turn your stiff-ass toprock into soulful dancing, with knowledge straight from the world’s funkiest streetdance legend, Mr. Wiggles

This bundle covers ALL the elements – tops, footwork, power, creativity, history… without any fluff that wastes your time.

Study this material carefully and I guarantee you’ll never think of breaking in the same way again.

To join now, all you gotta do is click below:


Here’s a detailed breakdown of everything that’s included in each course you’ll get access to from this limited-time bundle:

Master Your Foundation

  • Nearly 100 progressive instructional videos for all levels from beginner to grand master
  • Understand the moves and the deeper meaning behind each move
  • Special Nutrition for breakers course by our nutrition specialist
  • Nefeli “b-girl sMash” Tsiouti’s (Break Align) Preventing Injuries course
  • Access to the Dojo Community where you can share and connect with other motivated people worldwide (which we’re completely revamping this year and you get to beta test the new version!)
  • Subtitles in six languages: Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Finnish and English

14 Styles of Footwork

14 videos breaking down each style with examples you can use in your arsenal, including:

  • Rotational footwork
  • Air footwork
  • Breaking the circle footwork
  • Powerful footwork

And more. Learning these styles will give you the building blocks to complete your own original, dynamic footwork style. You’ll never run out of moves, even when you’re in the last round of the finals.
5 lessons to help you integrate the styles into your footwork

  • Learn the history behind the idea of styles
  • The difference between foundation and footwork styles
  • The advantage of thinking in styles over steps
  • How to train these styles at practice
  • How to use the styles in a battle

Windmill Mastery


  • Master the 6 fundamental building blocks you need BEFORE starting to learn windmill.

Level Zero Windmill

  • The 8 key exercises to drill to get your first windmill rotation in record time
  • The “driving wheel” technique that effortlessly gives you the momentum for multiple rotations
  • Conquer common missteps, like having your feet hit the ground, smashing your pelvis into the ground, and faceplanting when coming around

Level Two Windmill

  • Discover the secret to hitting the baby freeze after a windmill – without crashing
  • A step-by-step progression to master the one technique (keeping your head on the ground) that helps you get your first variation: the barrel mill
  • Perfect your form with b-boy Kwikstep’s exercise for straight hips – that also gives you another windmill variation to use in your arsenal
  • Learn how to study the greatest windmills in history to perfect your own form


Mr. Wiggles Hip Hop & Party Rock

  • Nearly 2 full hours of highly inspirational and instructional material, from the legend Mr. Wiggles himself, breaking down the foundation of Hip Hop grooves and the original Party Rock moves
  • A recorded Q+A where Mr. Wiggles addresses the most common questions about Hip Hop and Breaking and an exclusive recorded interview on Hip Hop history

This bundle covers ALL the elements – tops, footwork, power, creativity, history… without any fluff that wastes your time.

Study this material carefully and I guarantee you’ll never think of breaking in the same way again.

And to sweeten the pot, You’re Also Receive:

The Complete Toprock Skills & Drills (59€ value)

  • Get the exercises and drills I use to level up my stamina and funk
  • Learn new toprock steps and combos to inspire your own practice
  • Only available HERE (you can’t get these drills anywhere else)

So To grab this bundle now and save a big juicy, fat 200 EUR, all you gotta do is click below:

this deal ends Aug 1, 20:00:00 Helsinki time!

“I never had a problem staying on beat and dancing, but there's a certain look and feel to doing toprock like a b-boy that I never realized I was even missing... Until I joined this course. The history that Mr. Wiggles shares has completely changed the way I see toprock and breaking.”

— B-Boy JOJO, Bay Rockerz USA

“The Mr. Wiggles course was money well invested. He not only breaks down the moves but also takes the time to explain their origin and history, allowing you to express them through your own flavor better. I highly encourage anyone who wants to continue to progress in this artform to do yourself a favor and invest in this course.”

— B-Boy Newjack, Puerto Rico

“Loving Mr. Wiggles's style I was expecting to see foundations from his style. But doing his course felt like getting a foundation OF the foundation. Intertwined with stories and history, Mr. Wiggles took me on a journey where I got a much deeper feeling for the dance and understanding its origins. My dancing will never be the same. The steps which appeared easy took a month of practice to internalize the vibe that Wiggles taught. And that was the biggest challenge. But once you have it down, you got it!”

— Nate G, Flamekeepers Crew, Germany

“The course has taught me a lot of moves that improved my toprock and musicality, the story and meaning behind the moves, and I could hear many stories about the history of Hip Hop in the conversation between Mr. Wiggles and Focus. It inspired me a lot!”

— Vinh Nguyen, Vietnam

“Windmill was the first power move I started to train. There were a lot of difficulties, but the hardest part was getting my feet off the ground. It was only when I met Focus and attended his classes that I started to progress. What really helped was how he broke down the windmill, how we trained them and proceeded from every part to the next. The tips and feedback were more detailed than any YouTube tutorial I’ve tried, and I finally got my first windmill this year!”

— B-Boy SkyEye

“The hardest part about learning windmill was trusting myself that I’d get it someday, and Focus was always there for me. But then one day he told me about how to keep my head on the ground. That was a game changer for me and my windmills have never been the same since. I’ll never forget it.”

— B-Boy Ofi, Finnish Olympic Team

“The B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo has great courses and lessons that many new and experienced dancers can gain from. The 14 styles of footwork course was one of my favorites as it helped me explore new ways to do footwork and redefine old ones I already knew. It’s a great way to learn but also deepen everything you know about breaking.”

— Curt Rage, The Elusives, USA

“I strongly recommend the Dojo for anybody who wants to up their foundation game. It’s a one of a kind knowledge bank that can benefit even the most professional dancers. The B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo has taught me to take my breaking to a more professional level in all ways not forgetting the thrill of breaking, simply enjoying it at the same time”

— MattiWatti (Joensuu B-Boys, Tuff ry, Finnish champion 2015)

“Anyone in the world can get a lot of knowledge in an easy way thanks to the Dojo. The course cleaned up all my foundation properly, it gave me a better form, and understanding for each movement so far.”

— B-Boy B, B8B crew

“Sign up to BBOY DOJO website and get that knowledge!”

— Mr. Wiggles, Hip Hop Legend, US

Remember, if you’re not satisfied there is a 30-day money back guarantee — no questions asked! Send me an email and I will directly give you a full refund.

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Here’s what you get:

  • Master Your Foundation (247€ value)
  • Windmill Mastery (109€ value)
  • Mr Wiggles Original Hip Hop Dance & Party Rock (127€ value)
  • 14 Styles of Footwork (59€ value)
  • Toprock Skills & Drills (59€ value)



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Frequently asked questions:

How much is the course in my currency?

You will still be charged in Euros, but either your credit card or PayPal will convert the final price for you.

When does the course start and finish?

You’ll have access to the material immediately, and you will be able to go through them at your own pace. We’ll also be running webinars, and you’ll also be able to access to these forever after you sign up!

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course! So cool, right?

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

We’ve worked super hard to make this a course which won’t disappoint, but if you still feel that you’re not satisfied there’s a 30-day money back guarantee!

What do I do if I need help?

Just shoot over an e-mail to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

How long does the course take to complete?

It really depends on how fast you progress as a dancer and also on your previous experience. There are almost 150 videos, so we recommend moving through the course at a 2-3 month pace.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes! We support PayPal, and also any other credit cards that you want to pay with.

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