WATCH “How to take your footwork from good to great” NOW

In my new 3-video series, the Elements of Footwork Masterclass, I’ve condensed years of experience practicing the art of footwork, where you’ll get a complete road map to take your footwork from good to GREAT.

And it all starts by expanding your definition of footwork beyond just the steps that everyone teaches.

In Lesson One, you’ll learn a quick overview of the history of footwork styles, how I came up as a b-boy with my own original style, and an exercise for you to build your own road map to great footwork.

In Lesson Two, you’ll learn the four ways to perfect your form so that everything you do looks dope. Everyone tries to make the illest concepts and tricks, but strip that away and do your basics still look fresh?

In Lesson Three, you’ll learn a holistic view of what footwork truly is, beyond the steps, the styles, and the form, but also the mentality.

Master the ideas in these 3 videos, and you’ll find freedom in your footwork and get noticed in the cyphers – even if you still repeat your basics every round..