Master the 8-Ball Sweep
The Key to an Infinite Arsenal
Transform Negative Thought Flow into Positve
Online Masterclass with Focus - Oct 19
discover the key to infinite moves with B-Boy Focus

In this video, I reveal one of the most important lessons that I’ve ever learned in my breaking career from b-boy Storm. Once you apply this lesson to your own breaking, you will begin to have so many moves that you won’t even be able to use them all.


  1. Avatar Rehtori says:

    Tyyli kanta-päkiä kaikkeen mitä keksii 🙂 So rockin with heel n toe

  2. Avatar prashant shetty says:

    I am very grateful

  3. Avatar Abdoul wahabi says:

    Hip hop dans ce

  4. Avatar Abdoul wahabi says:

    Hip hop danse

  5. Daniel Marquet Daniel Marquet says:

    Excited to get knowledge

  6. Avatar OwnTwist says:

    “Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.”

    1. charlesjgao charlesjgao says:

      Can you email us a screenshot of the problem? We’ll make sure you get access!

      1. Avatar OwnTwist says:

        Opened it in internet explorer instead of chrome, now it’s working, thanks!

  7. Avatar Laurynas_LowAir says:

    Once again, great! Thank You, Jussi.

  8. Avatar Nnoli Samson says:

    Let’s go rock it

  9. Avatar Anjan Kumar Ranjitkar says:

    Must use this move….

  10. Avatar Heron says:

    I am dancer , i thought spread dance

  11. Avatar surafel says:

    Naic game

  12. Avatar Solomon Asegid says:

    Thank you Good

  13. Avatar Midian says:

    Thank you B-Boy Focus for dropping this GEM. I will be applying this from now on.

  14. Avatar Russell says:

    Thank you for this. i was able to add more variations to some of my footworks. i’m going back to my foundations because i haven’t been breakin for a long time.

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