How to Take Your Footwork from Good to Great
4 Ways to Fix Your Footwork Form
The 6 Pillars of Footwork Mastery
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4 Techniques to Fix Your Footwork Form

The secret to making every step you do look dope, is to master your form. As Bruce Lee once said, fear not the person with 10000 different kicks, but the person who has practiced 1 kick 10000 times.


  1. Avatar DEEP thapa says:

    I have moves but get confused to connect my mover

  2. Avatar Carlendra says:

    I feel like my vision includes more than 1 persona. Is that going to be a problem? Because essentially, I have to consider 2 personas (or even 3) instead of just 1.

  3. Avatar Nile Bratcher says:

    Focus! This was spot on. I’ve gotta keep in mind my constructive feedback of my practices with the proper vision of my form. Can’t wait to practice today, it’s Friday!

  4. Avatar Rhytha says:

    thankyou for the knowledge. Much love❤

  5. Avatar mel says:

    Inspiring <3

  6. b-boy_flow b-boy_flow says:

    Yoooo i love footworkz ,so i am thankfull
    For this masterclass i got inspirerend by so Manny like you focuss!! Now AM checken footworkz records vol 9 Ric Joe so thankz for that keep et up love et

  7. Avatar Drypht2 says:

    Such a great lesson, Focus. Thank you. Another thing to consider when thinking about form is to look outside of the dance. Many classical martial arts place a lot of importance on form, so watching classic Shaw Brothers kung fu films is a good place to start. Even watching karatekas practicing their katas on YouTube will give you a good idea of how to develop good form in every movement. I also like to watch Japanese calligraphy or the matcha tea ceremony for inspiration. There’s examples everywhere in life. Keep building, everyone!

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