For harder, faster footwork … just master this step

This is my favourite step for whenever I want to start going off and going hard in my footwork: the 2 step, otherwise known as the baby swipe. 

While it might seem easy to go fast with this step, it’s just as easy to make it look sloppy and messy. I’ve seen a lot of breakers making the same mistakes when it comes to the 2 step, and it’s not a good look. But mastering the 2 step doesn’t just mean you mastered a step, the 2 step is a gateway to more power and flow in all your footwork. 

So today, you’re gonna get the six steps to the perfect 2 step, to take it from good … to great

Learn how to:

  • Make it look precise with a drill I learned from Storm
  • Use the 2-step twist to turn your footwork into a powermove
  • Understand the subtle difference between the 3 step and the 2 step


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