I Started With Powermoves, Here’s Why I Love It

Most people don’t know this, but I started with straight POWER. I was young and learned quick. Halos, baby mills, 2000s, flares, you name it, I was doing it, so much so that some thought my footwork was mad wack.

And I never regretted starting out that way.

Episode Notes:

  • [0:42] – Concentrating on just one style is limiting
  • [0:58] – How I started breaking with mostly power
  • [1:57] – That time I went to Helsinki and they thought I was wack
  • [2:30] – How we traded tapes, and the VHS tape that changed my life
  • [4:11] – I started seeing the dance as one
  • [4:16] – Why I love the fact that I started mostly with power and how it helps me in everything that I do
  • [5:25] – Now look at your skills – what can you work on?

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  1. Avatar Deepjit says:

    Do you provide online bboy courses? That will help many bboy all around the world

    1. charlesjgao charlesjgao says:

      Yes we do! Sign up to our mailing list and we’ll let you know the next time we open up our course.

  2. Avatar Deepjit says:

    I want to perform in battle

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