stop holding back … and Believe In YOUR IMPACT As A Breaking Teacher

Get you & your students fired up about the culture

Gain more respect in your community as a leader

Build & exchange with OUR global community of BREAKING teachers JUST LIKE YOU

What could be more fulfilling than becoming a world champion b-boy or b-girl?

Seeing your students practicing hard, entering battles, and forming crews all on their own … entering a studio full of bright minds hungry to learn … and knowing deep down that you have something to offer them each and every day.

The only thing is, getting there on your own can be a long and lonely path.

It’s hard to find a breaking teacher, but even harder to find someone who can teach you how to teach.

And no matter how many years you’ve been teaching, there’s always that voice whispering, are you doing this right? Should you even be teaching?

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Hi, my name is Focus, aka Jussi of the legendary Flow Mo Crew. For over 20 years I’ve dedicated myself to finding the truth about this dance.

I’ve traveled the world and paid a fortune to meet up and learn from the originators of this dance such as Ken Swift, Mr. Wiggles, Storm and Crazy Legs.

I’ve battled my way to the top facing the people I looked up to and judged all the biggest battles on the planet.

Today, I’ve taught 100s of workshops to 1000s of students across the world in countries like China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Poland, and have been invited to coach several European Olympic breaking teams.

Teaching became such an important part of my life that I’ve built my street style dance studio Saiffa – Flow Mo Dance School to be the top school in its field in the country, and in 2020 I was even awarded “Educator of the Year” by BreakFree WorldWide.

And today, you have a chance to get a piece of that experience, and more. I’ve gathered the best teachers from around the world to join me in giving you the best tools and knowledge available to transform your teaching.


the international teacher’s education

by the b-boy & b-girl dojo


The first online breaking teacher training program in the world, the International Teachers Education gives you the tools you need to motivate and inspire your students, help them develop their own style, and connect with and learn from other breaking teachers in the scene.

I believe anyone can become a great teacher, and the world needs them more than ever. People like you, who want to leave a legacy.

But it’s not easy being a teacher. It’s taken me serious time and money to get the knowledge and experience I have now.

Which is why I created this course.

Now you can learn from the best right from your living room, even if you’re miles away from an OG. Our 6 month course allows you to study at a relaxed pace from anywhere in the world.

Not only will I be sharing my own theories of teaching, you’ll also get to learn with living legends such as Poe One from Style Elements Crew, Storm from Battle Squad Germany, and the renowned dance scientist, Nefeli Tsiouti.

After the course, you’ll be teaching and planning your classes with ease.

Your students will grow faster, getting better results at battles and competitions.

You’ll never worry about having enough material again.

You’ll continue to inspire your students and yourself.

And on top of all that, you’ll be able to connect with other teachers from around the world, and build, exchange and grow together.

What’S Inside The Course

Five Monthly Lectures

Every month you get access to the lecture followed up by a homework assignment to make sure you understand and apply the learning. And unique to this year’s edition of the Teachers Education, I will be addressing how to adapt your teaching to the online format.

Your teachers for the next six months.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from the lectures:

Lecture One – Integrating History into Your Classes to Transform Your Students with B-Boy Focus

    • Understanding the history of the dance to know why we do what we do and be more credible in the eyes of your students
    • An in-depth overview of the origins of Hip Hop, starting with the first block parties and the beginnings of breaking
    • The books and movies that you need to check out for your own research into the history

Lecture Two – Advanced Teaching Methods and Structure with B-Boy Storm

    • Storm’s method of structuring a class for better results and progress
    • How he breaks down moves to appeal to different ways of learning
    • How to challenge students, plus examples of concepts that he teaches

Lecture Three – How to Create Students Passionate about the Culture with Poe One

    • The unconventional mindset for sparking inspiration in your students
    • The three journeys that every dancer goes through in the culture
    • Storytelling in your dance and through your teaching
    • How to teach the art of freestyle to your students

Lecture Four – Unlock the Secrets to Deep Learning with Nefeli Tsiouti

    • How to adapt your teaching to the different learning styles
    • The importance of timing to maximize your students’ learning
    • How you can create an empowering environment to maximize your students’ learning

Lecture Five – How to Develop your own Teaching Curriculum with B-Boy Focus

    • How your country’s arts curriculum can give you ideas for teaching your classes
    • The complete original curriculum that I developed with AT for the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo

Group Assignments & Practical Exercises

With each lecture, we’re going to make sure that you put what you’ve just learned into practice. What that means is that you’ll be working on assignments & projects by yourself as well as with others from your cohort, and weekly quizzes, all to get you ready for the final exam.

Final Exam & Certificate

There will be a final exam to test your knowledge and all those who pass will receive a physical certificate. Perfect to show employers the investments you’ve made in your teaching skills.

Progressive Ready-made Curriculum

When developing “Master Your Foundation”, we came up with our own progressive curriculum, which you’ll be able to use in your own classes. Have a ready to use set of moves and concepts, from six step all the way to preparing for battles.

Private Community

Get access to our exclusive global network of professional dance teachers, where you can share, learn and build together. And every month, you’ll get to meet the other students in an open “teacher cypher” online.

Lifetime Access to the ‘Master Your Foundation’ Learning Resources

The complete “Master Your Foundation” course includes over 100 videos breaking down all the fundamental moves and concepts in detail, a $265 value that comes with the Teacher’s Education! You will never run out of inspiration again.



  • How to price your work and double your income as a teacher
  • How to promote yourself to effortlessly get regular gigs and build your reputation
  • The pros and cons of starting your own school vs teaching for others
  • Assignments and accountability to take your business to another level and turn your passion into the ultimate lifestyle business!

BONUS #2 – “DEEP DIVE” group coaching calls ($405 value)

  • Get FIVE monthly group calls with me and special guest teachers to dig deeper into each month’s content and learn different perspectives on teaching


  • Get behind the scenes of a 1.5hr private online class I taught to ill Drillerz, UK, from the introductions to the homework at the end
  • See the best of the best tools that I’ve tested on 1000s of my students to help my students remember their moves in a battle, check their footwork form, and push their creativity
  • Hear the questions that I use to diagnose my students and know what to teach them

BONUS #4 – THE VAULT ($270 value)

  • Get access to The Vault: a collection of past live recorded calls with special guest teachers from around the world like Vincanity (from VincaniTV) and Hurricane Ray, who share how they teach kids and get the best performance from their students



  • Five private one on one coaching calls over the next 5 months
  • I work with you personally to flesh out your goals as a teacher and professional dancer and build a plan to help you get there
  • Become a world-class teacher that not only gets gigs across the country but around the world
  • Personal assignments and accountability directly from me, customized to your specific needs

“I got really excited at the prospect of learning new techniques, concepts and strategies not only for improving my own dancing, but also on how to impart that knowledge. Thankfully I got exactly what I wanted. It has been a great investment!”

— Jon NewJack, Puerto Rico

“I wanted to become better at dancing and to become a better teacher as well. Since joining the Dojo and talking with people I have gained more confidence in my abilities, learned powermoves even when I thought I was too tall, and now feel free in my craft. ”

— B-Boy Ruru, Latvia

“Focus has remained true to his approach and has gone on to carry his studious approach and mastery into teaching and sharing his skills with the world. Moving forward to preserve important elements within the Breakin style to maintain culture within the dance. One of the most consistent teachers in the world of breaking.”

— B-Boy RoxRite, Squadron, USA

“I really enjoyed the Dojo's Teachers Education 2020. It provided me with a lot of information on different teaching and training methods, knowledge of the dance and a community of dancers to exchange with. I recommend the B-Boy Dojo to anyone who wants to upgrade their skills!”

— B-Boy DVD, Montreal Street Dancer, Canada

“The Teachers Education helped me to develop as a teacher in many ways: how to structure even better my classes, how to approach my students differently, applying different methods to get the most out of my class. I enjoyed a lot the connection with other participants in the course, by exchanging our experiences, knowledge and philosophy. If you teach you should also invest in your teaching. This course will help you to step up your teaching skills, and your students skills!”

— B-Boy Dario, The Tribe, Germany

“The International Teachers Education course is an outstanding program that both upholds the cultural integrity of BREAKIN’ and provides teachers around the world a collaborative opportunity to enhance their craft, pedagogy, and business sense. I give the this course my highest recommendation to instructors who have a passion for sharing this artform on any level within their respective communities.”

— B-Boy Ark, 808 Breakers, US

“This course really helped me make my dance school better. We made our own curriculum from which all our teachers work from now.”

— Tim Hendriks, Movement Studios NL

“It was amazing having access to information from legends such as Storm and Poe One. I struggled with understanding ways to teach (pedagogy) and inspire, and so looking deeper into this helped expand my knowledge of ways to teach. It was a fantastic course though and loved doing it!”

— Rosie Chesson, Dance Studio Owner, UK

“One of the most exciting processes on this journey in Breaking and Hip Hop culture has been to share it with others, and this course has certainly given me many tools for that purpose and a hunger to learn more!”

— B-Boy Bear, South Africa

“The International Teachers Education was great. It forced us to think deeper about all aspects of teaching with the various methods to apply, games to play to help our students, the many different ways people learn and how to get through to them. It has been a very worthwhile course, giving me fresh ideas as well as refreshing some old ones.”

— Sideshow Maule, Flying Jalapeños

Hear what some of our past graduates got out of the course:

Remember, if you’re not satisfied there is a 30-day money back guarantee — no questions asked! If you’ve watched the first lecture, completed the homework and still aren’t satisfied for any reason, just send me an email and I will directly give you a full refund.

This course is only available every 6 months: act now!


Enrollment closes MAY 9th, 20:00:00 GMT +3:00

International Teacher's Education Pro


One-time, or 6 monthly payments of $96
  • 5 monthly lectures with Focus, Poe One (Style Elements Crew USA), Storm (Battle Squad GER), and Nefeli Tsiouti (Project BreakAlign)
  • Stay accountable with group projects and homework
  • Physical certificate sent home after passing the exam
  • An exclusive online community to network with other teachers around the world
  • B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo teacher’s t-shirt sent to your home


  • Additional material each month on how to adapt your teaching to online
  • An orientation call to help you zero in on your goals as a teacher
  • Open “teacher cyphers” where you’ll get to exchange and meet your fellow students online every month


  • Nearly 100 progressive instructional videos for all levels from beginner to grand master ($265 value)
  • The revolutionary 14 styles of footwork concept ($100 value)

BONUS #1 Special Nutrition for breakers course by our nutrition specialist ($75 value)

BONUS #2 Nefeli “b-girl sMash” Tsiouti’s Prevention of Injuries course ($75 value)

BONUS #3 Hatsolo’s Supportive Training for b-boys & b-girls lesson and special 1 month  workout program for strength and stamina ($130 value)

Teacher's Education Platinum Level


One-time, or 6 monthly payments of $115

Here’s what you’ll get with the platinum package:



  • An advanced lecture by Focus on the business side of teaching ($300 value)

    • How to price your work and double your income as a teacher
    • How to promote yourself to effortlessly get regular gigs and build your reputation
    • The pros and cons of starting your own school vs teaching for others
  • FIVE group coaching calls each month where you’ll get to dive deeper into the material with me as well as special guest teachers! ($405 value)
  • Assignments and accountability to take your business to another level and turn your passion into the ultimate lifestyle business!


  • Watch me teach a 1.5hr private class online to Ill Drillerz from the UK, and see the best exercises and questions I use to get results from my students
  • Get access to The Vault – a collection of past live recorded calls with special guest teachers from around the world like Vincanity (from VincaniTV) and Hurricane Ray
Teacher's Education Diamond Level - The Ultimate 1 on 1 Mentorship Package




Make the course personal! The Diamond Level includes:

  • Everything that’s included in the pro and platinum membership levels


  • Five private one on one coaching calls over the next 5 months ($1400 value)
    • I work with you personally to flesh out your goals as a teacher and professional dancer and build a plan to help you get there
    • Become a world-class teacher that not only gets gigs across the country but around the world
  • Personal assignments and accountability directly from me, customized to your specific needs

For any questions or you want to a custom payment plan, send us an email at

Frequently asked questions:

How is the course structured?

The first lecture will be available online April 19th.

After this the course will take five months, with one monthly lecture theme, quizzes and assignments every two weeks, a major assignment every month, a monthly open online Teacher Exchange, and for Platinum & Diamond members, a monthly live online group call with me and special guest lecturers.

After all the lectures, there will be a final exam, and the International Teachers Summit.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course material! So cool, right?

What if I'm very busy, do I still have time to go complete the education?

The homework given is not too time consuming and you’ll have a month of time to do it. If you pay attention to the lectures the homework won’t take a lot of time and you can do it whenever it fits your schedule.

If you miss the deadline you can always contact us and we can work it out.

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

We’ve worked super hard to make this a course which won’t disappoint, but if you still feel that you’re not satisfied there’s a 30-day money back guarantee!

What do I do if I need help?

Just shoot over an e-mail to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

How long does the course take to complete?

You’ll be done with the course in six months and have your certificate then. After this you can always go back to the material whenever you want.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes! We support PayPal, and also any other credit cards that you want to pay with.