welcome to the Breaking Teacher Masterclass

Today we’ll be learning about:

  • How stories can make your classes unforgettable for your students
  • How to use your struggles as a way to connect deeply with your students
  • The story that I use with my students to break their fear of battling


  1. Avatar Rival says:

    Thank you for sharing your msgs and experiences .

  2. Avatar Slaw says:

    Very good advice.

  3. Avatar Farzam says:

    A lot of dope content! Keep up the work focus

  4. Avatar Sardhon says:

    Thank you so much😊

  5. Avatar Hanna says:

    Intresting! I learned a lot, very good, you really painted up that story, got picturs in my head, and really good that about how to drop down to your students level away from your ego and tell about the time before you developed, and about your feelings, fear etc, so they can relate, key, Thank you!

  6. Avatar Valdimar G. says:


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