Join The international teachers camp Fall 2022

Join us for three days of learning what it takes to become a great teacher, how to find success as a teacher, and building with other teachers from around the world.

Here’s what we’ve got lined up:

Day One | Sept 13 | Online

    • 6PM Helsinki time: With b-boy Storm you’re going to build on your “big why” and understand why you teach. The goal setting & road maps you build for yourself here are the first step towards a fulfilling career as a breaking teacher.

Day Two | Sept 14 | Online

    • 6PM Helsinki time: Join Nefeli Tsiouti to understand about learning styles with an alumni panel of some of our top Teachers Education graduates.

Day Three | Sept 15 | Online

    • 4PM Helsinki time: Katsu1 breaks down coaching vs teaching and Japan’s way for high level breaking coaching.
    • 6PM Helsinki time: Focus shares what makes a good curriculum or teaching program, and the progression of a teacher, from teacher to studio owner and beyond.

You will also get access to the three-video masterclass series How To Build Passionate Students For Life where you’ll learn some of the biggest insights I’ve discovered that you can use right away in your classes to make them more engaging, fun, and inspiring.

    • Practical exercises to keep you AND your students inspired and motivated
    • The 3 beliefs you need to become a world-class breaking teacher
    • How to use the first 15 minutes of class to connect with your students
    • How to make your classes unforgettable through amazing stories

PLUS you’ll get access to recordings of live conversations with other renowned breaking professionals in the scene:

  • The Art of Business in Breaking and Teaching with Zeku, founder of BreakinMIA
  • The Philosophy of Teaching with Poe One