Day 1 - Your Teaching Vision and Goals
Day 2 - Building Your Own Curriculum
Day 3 - Craft Your Teaching Style
teachers camp day 1 – Your Vision & Goals

For your first assignment, get your notebook and pen, and give yourself about one hour to do this. All your instructions will be in the video.

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  1. Avatar Samir da Silva Santos says:

    B.boy Storm keeps unique in yours lessons with us, I takeaway for me to keep Breaking and maintenance where you going to, practicing, learning and growing. Thanks for this opportunity to heard him and his teaching history.

    So Here in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil we have a Capoeira arts form that’s firstly way to kids find outs to Express themselves, include me. We learn music, sing, and fight all together, for me as a teacher Capoeira inspire me specialy because the same in Breaking we use a Circle or Cypher on one way to teach my students.

    I Bring to the table, my major in Dance Teacher, my Breaking experience since 98, and dedication with Breaking and our history international and Nacional, for me that’s most important for the maintenance of Breaking Culture.

    I want to think that my impact teaching Breaking is show all tools for my students and they chooses what they want to do with them, turn a professional Breaker or Have a fun together with others, be a teacher, a coach wherever they want, but remember and respect the OGs and keeping the Breaking culture live!

    That’s it.
    Big shouts out, and hags from Brazil, bro!

    Congrats for the job!

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