Lessons Learned from My Battle Against Boogie Brats

Who’s the illest b-boy or b-girl you’ve ever battled?

Sometimes, we want that easy win, but what’ll carry you further in your path as a dancer, are those match-ups against the best.

One of my toughest battles was when Hat Solo and I faced Casper and K-Mel of the Boogie Brats, in the semi-finals at Coosh Crash Test in Seattle, with $10 000 in cash prizes at stake. Find out what happens next in today’s Knowledge Drop.


  1. Avatar Chaithra M Rao says:

    Hai I want to learn breaking from basics

  2. Avatar Rachel Bell-Buchanon says:

    Very good Advice Ty Bboy For Informing the next generation of Bboys and BGirls

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