The Mental Approach
Understand the Judge's Perspective
Content & Structure
Train Your Mind to a Champion level

Our mind is the most important tool we have and now it’s time to unleash it’s power. The first lesson teaches you how to:

  • boost your confidence so you can burn b-boys who are better than you.
  • stop the negative flow of thoughts.
  • transform fear and nervousness into killing it on the floor.

We’ll do an exercise that will change the way your mind will work during the time of entering the competition.

Oh and don’t forget to do your homework!


  1. Avatar Kidguma says:

    Muito bom Focus sempre acompanho seu trabalho, seus posts e vídeos são foda parabéns.

  2. Avatar Matias says:

    Very good Focus! the mind is our best tool, lets trainn it!

  3. Avatar Bboy lucas says:

    So so nice video … i had the same idea … the visualization it’s so so important but i do the visualization exercises without think about the showcase circle … so you reaffirm my idea … and also i never think about the name… now i can understand the importance about the name because in the moment that you enter in the circle the first thing that speak about you it’s the name now i understand … really nice content thanks bro … peace

  4. Avatar Noel Murmu says:

    Great video.. not everyone talks about the mental aspect of breaking.. i will work on this. Thanks alot!

  5. Avatar Rishabh Srivastava says:

    Yeah I will practice this process . I will build my confidence and will be more confident about my throwdown .
    Thank you.

  6. Avatar Amer says:

    “Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.” Lets go!

  7. Avatar Kishul says:

    Best advice ever

  8. Avatar nile bratcher says:

    Wow! That was powerful! Thanks Focus!!

  9. Avatar Joy Day says:

    Good stuff, Thank you!!!

  10. Avatar Kishan kumar says:

    Wow Thanks sir

  11. Avatar Dvd160 says:

    incredible thank you brother!

  12. Avatar Ervin Buenaobra says:

    Appreciate the info Focus !

  13. Avatar Sam Underwood says:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and concepts! Really like the idea of practicing/visualising how you exist in a prelim environment, so time to take it on board 😀

  14. Avatar Hamza says:

    Looking forward for more important information thank you bro!

  15. b-boy_flow b-boy_flow says:

    Yoooo thankz for the drop
    Wtf this so cool
    Killa i think you drop Everyday something new hahah pzz

  16. Avatar Retz says:

    Many thanks for sharing some free knowledge! Much love to Flomo and the Dojo, from Jerusalem!

  17. Avatar Wacky says:


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