Kill it in competitions by understanding the judges

The second lesson is about understanding how the judges work. In this lesson you’ll learn things such as how to:

  • stand out from the mass and make an impact with your originality.
  • direct your moves so the judges understand the message in your solo.
  • understand how the judging systems work and give a try yourself.

If you know all this as a result you will do better entering the competitions yourself too!


Judge the following battle round for round. Post your scores in the comment section below. Who do you think won the battle and by how many rounds?


  1. Avatar Howe says:

    I really like machine’s powerful style and his first round was fire, but I think Kleju won overall because he was more consistent.
    1. Kleju 8 Machine 10
    2. Kleju 9 Machine 7
    3. Kleju 7 Machine 6
    4. Kleju 7 Machine 6
    5. Kleju 8 Machine 7
    6. Kleju 7 —————

    1. Avatar Hamza says:

      I agree with you

  2. Avatar ZeroHero says:

    Kleju for me

  3. Avatar Matias says:

    First round: Machine
    second: tie
    third: Kleju
    four: Kleju
    five: Kleju
    Winner: Kleju

  4. Avatar Rishabh Srivastava says:

    The battle according to me is won by machine . He got first and second round and the third round was a tie . Then 4th round is kleju and last round is again a tie .

    1. Avatar Budziu says:

      1. Machine
      2. Machine
      3. Tie
      4. tie
      5. Kleju

  5. Avatar Abudi says:

    Kleju won for me he had a nice style

  6. Avatar Jan Madera says:

    Focus, what do you think about round for round in a crew battle?

  7. Avatar Bboy conscious says:

    Kleju wins it he has a lot of style,confidence, and transition.

  8. Avatar Fer says:

    I think
    1st round –> Machine
    2nd round –> Kleju
    3d round –> Tie
    4th round –> Kleju
    5th round –> Kleju

  9. Avatar Imv says:


  10. Avatar Dvd160 says:

    1rst & 2nd round Machine
    3,4,5 round for Kleju

  11. Avatar Mini says:

    1.- Machine
    2.- Machine
    3.- Kleju
    4.- Kleju
    5.- Machine

  12. Avatar Raven says:

    1st round Machine
    2nd round Tie
    3rd round Machine
    4th Kleju
    5th Kleju
    Bonus Kleju
    A good battle

  13. b-boy_flow b-boy_flow says:

    Yooo for me the same
    Machine crazzy power but kleju take et orginalty
    And kelju taken et het time the last round
    Big up for the Batle

    1. b-boy_flow b-boy_flow says:

      And kleju take the last round heheh
      Thanks for the drop
      Focuss !!

  14. Avatar bboy iqie says:

    kelju won the battle because he’s more consistent than machine.. but, no hate to machine.. his first round is superb

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