is the future of breaking online?

This Sunday, Sept 6th we have a live panel where we’ll be discussing the future of breaking online. We’ll discuss how online breaking events are helping to connect our scene, tips and drills for solo training at home, and how you can do your own dope online event. And of course, I’m asking the experts in our scene to chime in – check it out:

  • How online breaking events connect our scene with Moy (Havikoro), Dyzee (7CZ, Supernaturalz) and Intact (Ruffneck Attack)
  • Solo training tips and drills with Profo Won (Floorgangz), Xak (Arcopom), and Matita (Tormenta En Ataque)
  • How to make dope online battles with Artur (Groove Session) & Beast Boogie (Breakfree)

Join us this Sunday, Sept 6th @ 7:00PM GMT +3

  • Los Angeles @9:00AM
  • Houston @11:00AM
  • New York @12:00PM
  • London @ 5:00PM
  • Hong Kong: Sept 7h @12:00AM
  • Sydney: Sept 7th @ 2:30AM