Top Rock Steps & Drills 1/2
Top Rock Steps & Drills 2/2

Top Rock Steps & Drills 1/2

On the first part of the Top Rock Steps & Drills you will learn:

  • My all time favorite top rock variations from my masters and personal variations
  • How to rock them hard in a powerful way instead of just performing mechanical steps
  • How to combine them

Learn the steps and add your personal flavor on top! Take them to another level!

Comment below which one is your personal favorite!


  1. Avatar Alejandro Vinagre says:

    MJ or Power Salsa for me!

  2. Avatar vinhnguyen1671995 says:

    Dope !!!! Thank you very much

  3. Avatar Eliza says:

    So cool!

  4. Avatar Carlendra says:

    Power salsa!!

  5. Avatar JayNaz says:


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