by the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo

The First performance Lifestyle Course designed for b-boys & B-Girls: a way to Improve Your Breaking Without Breaking

  • Develop the speed, strength and stamina you need to compete on an international level without over-training
  • Get fired up about practice again and break through your plateaus
  • Enter battles with the confidence that you’re training smarter than 99% of the breakers there

After 20 years in the game, what I’ve realized is that the time you spend breaking and getting down is only half of the equation.

The other half is what you do with your mind and body everyday outside of breaking.

The way you eat, sleep, breathe, even the thoughts in your head, can all impact your breaking in ways you never imagined.

And that’s not even taking conditioning and stretching into consideration.

Once you start thinking of your daily habits as another element of your training – as important as the dancing itself – your breaking will hit another level without you even realizing it.

That was my “perfect practice”: when I had made my entire lifestyle work to improve my breaking, instead of getting in the way of it.

Today, I want to share all the tools you need to develop your own personalized approach to training.



by the b-boy & b-girl dojo

In 7 weeks, you’ll discover how to build the physical and mental strength you need to handle harder, more intense practice sessions, and build more explosiveness into your movement.

You’ll learn exactly what I did to get my body ready for the biggest competitions of my life like Circle Kings and Red Bull BC One Cypher, recover from my most serious injuries, and even stay calm in the middle of a battle.

And I don’t just show you the tools, we’ll be there to help you figure out how to make them work for you.



Every Monday, you get a lesson breaking down the theories and ideas for the week, with a second video on Thursday for deeper learning.

Then on Friday, we all get on a group call to help you with anything that you struggled with, answer any questions, and prepare for the next week. Got it? Good.

Here’s what to expect:

WEEK 1: The Mentality of a Champion b-boy or b-girl

  • Discover the 5 pillars of success from Finland’s top self-management coach, Ilkka Koppelomäki
  • Develop the mindset you need to make noise at the next international jam, get the moves you’ve been stuck on for years, or execute your hardest combos under pressure 
  • Learn how to turn your mind into your most powerful tool to help you overcome any obstacle
  • Learn why sleep is so important to your success, and get my top 12 sleep optimization hacks for better sleep.  

WEEK 2: Building the Unbreakable Body

After years of my own research, I discovered that a regular yoga practice is the perfect antidote for breaking-related injuries.

  • Learn with my yoga teachers, Kuldip Singh Quinterno and Sara Francesca, to develop your own breaking-specific yoga practice – the antidote to breaking-related injuries
  • Learn kundalini breathwork and yoga to balance the nervous system for better performance, whether you’re trying to hit a new move, or perform under pressure
  • Get easy-to-follow videos and routines that will open up your chest and shoulders, condition your condition your body for harder, more intense training and reduce your risk of injury

WEEK 3: Putting the POWER in Power Moves

  • Why you don’t need a gym membership to build the explosiveness you need for crazy power, and what to do instead
  • The single-most efficient way of building the strength for higher flares, faster mills and more explosive footwork
  • A collection of the best kettlebell exercise routines that I’ve tested over the past decade – with techniques for beginners and advanced

WEEK 4: B-Boy or Diet

  • The essential foods for high-performing breakers without the high price tag – no crazy powders or protein bars
  • Understand the supplements you need and should get – and avoid the ones that are a waste of money
  • Why intermittent fasting can boost your body’s natural recovery period – and how to safely do it

WEEK 5: Remember to Breathe

  • Learn breathing techniques that can boost your flow and stamina while you dance, calm your nerves before a battle, and generate extra strength in your power combos
  • Special techniques to manage your pain and injuries, and boost your recovery
  • How use the chill of a cold shower to master the heat of a nerve-wracking battle

WEEK 6: Strictly for the Hardcore

  • How to translate the feeling of freedom at practice to the cyphers and battles by breaking through your mental limits
  • How Hatsolo and I created the “100” training method to prepare for Circle Kingz, the ultimate test of stamina
  • The training methods I used for my biggest exhibition battles against Machine, Flea Rock, and RoxRite

WEEK 7: excellence is a habit

  • It’s time to put it all together – craft YOUR perfect practice schedule that you’ll stick to for the next 90 days, and I’ll be here to answer any questions or doubts you might have about it in our last group call
  • And finally, the ultimate test of your knowledge and skills thus far! You’ll get to challenge each other in our online battle, Training Grounds, and receive direct feedback from our judges

enroll this week, get these bonuses free

BONUS #1: Practice Formula Vault (€129 value)

A collection of the personal practice routines of top tier breakers, you’ll get to see complete breakdowns of how they organize their training, from their time in the studio to their recovery at home, from week to week, from battle to battle. You’ll get to work on your own training schedule with detailed examples from the pros!

BONUS #2: Practice formula Movement bank (€79 value)

As you integrate and master the material, you’ll eventually outgrow it. The Practice Formula Movement Bank is there to give you additional challenge and variety to keep you motivated and constantly growing.

  • Additional follow-along yoga classes for breakers with Sara and Kuldip
  • A special guided meditation for breakers
  • More kettlebell exercise variations

and You can join starting at 1.83€/day with our payment plans

This course isn’t just about me dumping all this knowledge into your brain.

It’s about motivating you to make powerful changes in your life that won’t just change your breaking, but will have you feeling better in all aspects of your life.

And you won’t be alone.

You’ll be doing this together with a worldwide group of breakers, each one as motivated as you to make better lifestyle decisions to level up their breaking. You’ll get to compare notes with other breakers around the world as you all work on developing your own training plans and schedules.

By the end of our seven weeks together, you’ll have all the tools you need to build monster stamina, get more results from your practice in half the time, and train harder without more injuries.

If you don’t want your body and mind to hold you back any longer from your full potential as a b-boy or b-girl, then you can’t afford to miss this course.

And I can say this because I’ve seen real changes and results in all of our previous students.

“Perfect Practice Formula is not only helping for breaking but for life throughout. I learned how to structure my week and how to use my time effectively. Some of my moves are now easier to do for me like the windmill to swipe. Thank you Jussi and Bboy Dojo for the good work!”

— B-Boy Loke, Germany

“I was very lost in breaking, and stuck in my ways. I had plateau-ed for a while, and I wanted improvements. Since doing the course I've seen masses of improvements in the way that I handle power moves, the way that I'm thinking about unlocking new moves. I loved being on the course, the exercises, and the challenges. It was so dope to have so many positive people around saying, yea, you got this. For me, that made it even more sad that the course was over.”

— B-Boy Flexton, Wales, UK

“With the Perfect Practice Formula, it gave me support in other aspects of my life besides breaking: nutrition, resistance training, meditation, yoga, and with the consistency of following the program, it helped me with momentum both inside of breaking and outside of breaking. Before, I wasn't as inspired as I am now. I'm consistent with my training and still following the tenets I had set for myself in the course. I have never felt so confident about my breaking and what I've been able to accomplish as a result of the Perfect Practice Formula, so I just gotta say, thanks guys.”

— Chris, US/Spain

“The course gave me something I needed 100%. I was not really going anywhere with my dance so I needed something to take me to the next level. I tried by myself, but wasn't consistent enough and felt frustrated about that. What I got out of the course was exactly what I needed.”

— Slusk, Skill Bill Zoo, Sweden

“The course got me really into kettlebells. Before I was doing calisthenics at home like handstands, pushups, but when I switched to kettlebells, it was not only more fun, I also got better results. It's helped me get more explosive strength and endurance for doing blowups. Even if I'm unable to practice combos I can still stay strong. After this course, I have new ideas to stay motivated to train physically and mentally, even if I can't train in person.”

— Ruru, Latvia

“Before, I didn't have any proper training method. I just did as many rounds I could, practiced for a long time, and got really bad injuries, and stopped breaking for a while. Once I recovered, I decided to find a good training method to avoid getting injuries. After I did the PPF course, I discovered what kind of b-boy I want to be, can do 10 rounds without gassing out, do my moves more cleanly, and react to any callout.”

— Vinh Nguyen, Vietnam

“The breathing exercises were a gamechanger. I actually felt so much more relaxed in my recent competitions, and I actually felt satisfied with my execution. I went from not making prelims, to top 16, to top 4. Had I taken this class years ago, this would have saved me a lot of time and frustration.”

— Khoa Tran, USA

“Definitely a visionary move from 2 of the best in the game. ”

— DJ Renegade, Hip Hop Pioneer, UK

“Sign up to BBOY DOJO website and get that knowledge!”

— Mr. Wiggles, Hip Hop Legend, US

Listen to what others had to say about the course:

Remember, if you’re not satisfied there is a 30-day money back guarantee — no questions asked! If you’ve watched the first lecture, completed the homework and still aren’t satisfied for any reason, just send me an email and I will directly give you a full refund.

But couldn’t I just learn this all by myself? 

I mean, I figured this all out by myself too. But here’s the thing.

I had to work twice as hard (and long) to reverse years and years of damage. 

Imagine how much further you’d be if you could just avoid all of that wasted time (and money).

If you really wanted to try to figure out all this stuff on your own, you’d likely spend years searching and experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t.

Meanwhile, opportunities fly by and the others in your scene leave you behind.

Think of it this way: for less than the cost of even 3 months with a personal trainer – who wouldn’t even understand what you need as a breaker – you can get a customized training routine specific to breakers, that also includes nutrition, yoga exercises, accountability, and so much more than what you would get from a personal trainer.

But I Can’t Afford it!

Don’t worry. We offer a monthly payment plan that comes out to less than 2€ a day. That’s less than your daily coffee or train ride. Isn’t your breaking worth more than that?

Enrollment ends Jan 31, 20:00 UTC+2: act now! 

Because we won’t open the course again for an entire year. don’t miss out on how much progress you could have made in an entire year.





  • Everything that’s included in the Pro and Platinum Package! 


  • Five private coaching calls with Focus for the next 5 months
  • Customized course based on your level, experience and needs to get the best results
  • Personal assignments and accountability that will accelerate your results

This is the next best thing to flying out to Helsinki for personal training with me.

For any questions about the membership levels, shoot me an email at

*1,568 USD one time



One-time, or 6 Monthly Payments of 86€ (Only 2.87€/day)

  • The complete 7 step system to building the perfect practice
  • Lifetime access to all course material
  • 7 weekly group calls with Focus and the Dojo team
  • The complete 14 styles of footwork (€99 value)
  • Lifetime access to the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo Private Community


  • BONUS #1: Practice Formula Vault (€129 value) – the personal practice routines of top tier breakers
  • BONUS #2: Practice Formula Movement Bank (€79 value) – advanced kettlebell and yoga exercises


  • Double your commitment with 7 additional weekly calls on Mondays with our in-house coach. They will help you stay focused for the week’s content, and this is your opportunity to ask any questions
  • One private 1v1 coaching call with Focus to help you understand your training goals and what you can do differently to get to the next level of your breaking

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*544 USD one time or 94 USD/mo



One-time, or 6 Monthly Payments of 55€ (Only 1.83€/day)

  • The complete 7 step system to building the perfect practice
  • Lifetime access to all course material
  • 7 weekly group calls with Focus and the Dojo team
  • The complete 14 styles of footwork (€99 value)
  • Lifetime access to the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo Private Community


  • BONUS #1: Practice Formula Vault (€129 value) – the personal practice routines of top tier breakers
  • BONUS #2: Practice Formula Movement Bank (€79 value) – advanced kettlebell and yoga exercises

[Click Here to Enroll for Only 1.83€/day With Our Monthly Payment Plan]

*326 USD one time or 60 USD/mo

Remember, if you're not satisfied there is a 30-day money back guarantee -- no questions asked!
Frequently asked questions:

How much is the course in my currency?

You will still be charged in Euros, but either your credit card or PayPal will convert the final price for you.

Pro Package:

  • 326 USD or 60 USD/mo for 6 months
  • 326 GBP or 60 GBP/mo for 6 months

Platinum Package:

  • 544 USD or 94 USD/mo for 6 months
  • 438 GBP or 75 GBP/mo for 6 months

Diamond Package:

  • 1,568 USD
  • 1,263 GBP

How long do I have access to the course?

We will be releasing the videos week by week, but you will continue to have lifetime access to the course afterwards! So cool, right?

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

We’ve worked super hard to make this a course which won’t disappoint, but if you still feel that you’re not satisfied there’s a 30-day money back guarantee!

What do I do if I need help?

Just shoot over an e-mail to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes! We support PayPal, and also any other credit cards that you want to pay with.

What's the course schedule?

The course is seven weeks long, and officially starts one week after we close enrollment.

Every week, you can expect to have two lessons – one on Monday, and one on Thursday, with a group call on Friday. If you enrolled in the Platinum level program, you get an extra group call on Monday.

In the very last week you’ll be ready to face off your peers in our online battle!