Your workbook plus links to the Training Lab Masterclass are now in your inbox, but first take 1 minute to read how The Dojo 14 Day Challenge works.

So how does it work?

For the next 14 days, everyday, we’ll release a new challenge video on the Dojo’s IG. For each challenge you complete, you level up and gain Dojo points.

To complete a challenge, upload a video of you doing the challenge with the hashtag #TheDojo14DayChallenge and #PerfectPracticeFormula to get your Dojo points credited.

REMINDER: All participants will get FREE access to Focus’ masterclass series, Training Lab Masterclass Series.

What is a Dojo point? 

We use Dojo points to track your progress. Complete a challenge, earn points, level up. It’s as simple as that. Each new level has a higher difficulty that will challenge your ability to stay consistent and work hard. Each challenge earns you 10 Dojo points.

Level 1 – 3 challenges completed

Level 2 – 6 challenges completed

Level 3 –  9 challenges completed

Level 4 -12 challenges completed

Level 5 – 14 challenges completed

Level 6 – *Can be unlocked only if completed the PPF course

Those who make it to Level 3 get a chance to win a Dojo beanie and medallion (70€ value), shipped at no cost to anywhere in the world. The top participants who rock all the challenges and reach Level 5 successfully will get a chance to join Perfect Practice Formula for free (299€ value) and a private coaching call with b-boy Focus (200€ value).