The Beauty of Ground Power

When continuous air flares came along in the game late 90’s and early 2000’s, the concept of what was knows as power (or dynamics earlier on in the old school time) changed.

Suddenly everyone who was into doing power concentrated on learning the technique and started competing with who had more rounds or ill variations of the challenging new ways of power. At the same time with the level of difficulty slowing people down a lot of important aspects of power were widely lost.

The new generations seeing the new flashy moves wanted to learn air power first instead of putting in work on the ground power at all. Knowing how to do an air flare without knowing a proper backspin kind of became the thing to do.

I feel not until recently the power heads have started to look back again and combine the huge arsenal of ground power from before such as windmills, back spins, tombstones etc into the mix. I love the development and I’m happy this side of power has not been forgotten. Ground power is beautiful.

When dealing with ground power we’re dealing with competing in momentum, speed, whip and transitions. Who masters a single move to the fullest potential, who comes up with personal variations and who can make the illest combos. Who can rock this smoothly combined with the other elements of the dance. Who has style and finesse in the way the power is executed.

Check the sophistication of Storm’s arsenal already in the 90’s. Imagine the hours of work put in to first learn and then master all of this:

Study the speed and lightness of Gumby of Suicidal Lifestyle Crew Hungary. He makes it look so easy even though we all know it’s not. Who needs hands for transitions anyway:

This week work on mastering your ground power! Going through the movement is not enough, mastering takes thousands of repetitions with set goals in mind.

Start your power from ground up! Work on your back spins first and move on and up from there one by one. Your foundation for power will be much stronger like this and eventually everything else will have more momentum on top, not just only your power moves. Putting in time for mastering ground power pays off.

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