The Problem with Breaking Terminology

CC's, Russian Taps, Shuffles...which is it? Breaking terminology is all messed up!

A lot of the same moves have different names depending on where you go in the world. I’ve found it confusing for the students who come to me from a different teacher, who I’ve discovered were using different words for the same things.

What do we do about it?

Episode Notes:

  • [0:23] – How our breaking terminology is different all around the world
  • [0:49] – A lot of the pioneers don’t have the same perspective on the moves and the names
  • [1:25] – A lot of students come to Focus and get confused with the different words that other teachers use for the same things
  • [1:47] – Where the name CC comes from
  • [1:55] – Pioneer #1 – the name should be switches, the original CC style is different
  • [2:07] – Pioneer #2 – the original term is salsoul shuffles
  • [2:13] – Pioneer #3 – I call it kickouts, I always called it that, and didn’t hear CC until later
  • [2:30] – This is confusing, so I decided to go with what I felt was right – if the pioneers can’t decide on the name, then we should use the globally used name
  • [3:03] – The original term is not always going to stick; we don’t continue calling the windmill the continuous backspin, or the airchair the cobra attacking the eagle
  • [3:36] – cross-reference! Always question what you’re taught and think for yourself. If two or more stories add up, then it’s more likely to be true
  • [3:56] – at some point we need to come together to unite our terminology and clean up the mess
  • [4:23] – keep studying, get everyone’s perspectives, do your own research and that’ll make you a stronger dancer


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