The Worst I Ever Got Smoked and What I Learned From It

Breaking isn't just about winning, you learn more from the losses.

The Worst I Ever Got Smoked and What I Learned

When we first started hitting up jams outside of Finland, we felt like we weren’t making any progress at all. We were even on the brink of giving up. But then there was the battle that changed all of that.

Episode Notes:

[0:30] – Finland didn’t have many jams, so we needed to rep abroad
[1:00] – We took 3rd at BOTY Scandinavia to rep Finland
[1:38] – No one was giving us love. We almost gave up.
[2:00] – One of my mentors asked me to enter a battle with him
[2:52] – We make it to the semi-finals against some of the Atomic B-Boys
[3:16] – How the competition ends
[3:35] – The surprise battle after the finals where I got smoked
[4:48] – The moral of the story: Freeze’s advice


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