Top 10 Ways to Piss Off a Breaking Jam Promoter

And How to Avoid Them

What do IBE, Freestyle Session, and Battle of the Year all have in common? Other than being the biggest breaking events in the world, they all have those b-boys and b-girls who drive event promoters MAD.

In this special edition of the Knowledge Drop in collaboration with the Notorious IBE, we asked the top 3 promoters in the world what their biggest pet peeves were: Cros-1 from Freestyle Session, Thomas from Battle of the Year, and Tyrone from the IBE.

Check the top 10 ways to piss off a promoter so you don’t do them again!


  1. Avatar FIREFLY says:

    Just wanted to note that your english is very good, and it is a great pleasure for me to listen to you!
    Keep on going!

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