What It Takes To Be A Great Breaking Teacher

“So many times, I asked to myself to be something that can encourage them [students] to be better, and this is something, foreal, that made me be a better person” – Edoardo “Xedo” Bernardini

We asked Xedo, Ark, and Synthesize, three graduates from the 2020 International Teachers Education program about their thoughts on teaching, why they do it, and what lessons they’ve learned from taking the course.

“Maybe they’re [students] doing dance for fun, but overcoming those obstacles and learning those movements show that you have the determination and will to get those things done if you put effort into it.” – Steven “Synthesize” Trujillo

The insights and stories they gave illuminate the power of changing peoples’ lives through teaching them dance, and it left us feeling inspired. We hope it does the same for you.

“I think a large part of being an active practitioner of teaching breaking is connecting with other teaching artists, finding your peers, and also finding others who have done this and gotten down to a science.” – Jeff “Ark” Wong

International Teachers Education in 2021 is a place where teachers can connect with one another, exchange ideas and stories, and be motivated to stay on top of their game while in COVID. Lastly, shout-outs to Xedo, Ark, and Synthesize for hoping on and being a part of this Knowledge Drop!


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