Finally, A Simple STructure to learn how to breakdance

A complete blueprint for beginners to learn the foundation of breakdancing

  • step by step instructions for all the basic moves
  • learn beginner-level toprock, footwork, freezes and even powermoves
  • full break down of “complicated” moveS that anyone can learn

Hi, my name is Focus, aka Jussi of the world renowned Flow Mo Crew. For over 20 years of my life I’ve dedicated myself to finding the truth about this dance.

I’ve traveled the world to meet up and learn from the originators of this dance such as Ken Swift, Mr. Wiggles, Storm and Crazy legs.

I’ve battled my way to the top facing the people I looked up to.

And in the mix I’ve been honoured to judge all the biggest battles on the planet. 



I always admired my teachers and dreamed to become one one day.

Today, I have taught hundreds of workshops all around the world in countries like China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Poland.

Teaching became such an important part of my life that I’ve built my street style dance studio Saiffa – Flow Mo Dance School to be the top school in its field in the country.


And now, i’ve taken what I’ve learned from winning over 50 international battles, with over 1000 students taught in over 50 countries.

introducing …

“How to breakdance for beginners”


And here’s your first lesson. It’s not called “breakdancing”! 

Not all of us are lucky of enough to have had mentors to lead us down the right path. This is why this course was created. We filmed everything we knew and set up the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo, the number one online breaking school in the world.

If you’ve ever wanted the textbook on breaking, this is it.

Inside, you’ll discover what it really means to be a b-boy or a b-girl – not a breakdancer. This is the kind of stuff that makes all the difference that no one really tells you about on YouTube tutorials.

If you’re tired of getting lost in what moves to learn next, or wondering if you’re doing it right, then you’ve come to the right place.

What’s in the course?

You get 45 instructional videos, with videos for complete beginners as well as more advanced dancers. Watch each video at your own pace, practice on your schedule, and get a deep understanding of the break mindset. At the end of each level, if you think you’re ready, test yourself by throwing down against us in the battle simulation!

Level 1 – Beginner

This level will give you a solid foundation to become a top B-Boy / B-Girl. No prior experience needed!

  • Learn how the dance works by understanding the vocabulary of breaking
  • Learn the fundamental moves like the 6-Step and Windmill

Level 2 – Prospect

In level two you’ll start to develop more nuanced skills: you’ll learn top rocks, go downs, and some power moves to really get you going!

  • Learn toprock variations for the Indian Step and Crossover step
  • Learn advanced powermove techniques like the barrel windmill and flares
  • Learn how to transition into freezes and power moves

The main instructional material has subtitles in six languages: Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Finnish and English!



BONUS #1 – The Revolutionary 14 Styles of Footwork (97€ value)

  • A breakdown of each single style of footwork and how to use it
  • How to make your footwork explosive and dynamic
  • Learn the difference between spiderman footwork, rotational style, air style and more

“When I went into battles, I used to be a straight up typical powerhead. But now I can do everything, and started dancing more. I definitely feel like I can call myself more of a b-boy instead of a breakdancer.”

— B-Boy N-Dure, Slick Knightz USA

“I don't give the King & Queen titles out easily, but step into the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo, build with Focus and AT to learn why I hold them in such high regards as a King and Queen. is the ultimate place online to learn.”

— Skeme Richards, Rock Steady Crew USA

“Big ups for the content up on Bboy Dojo. It's the best resource to improve your breaking. Great content, that was a lot of work for sure. Peace from France!”

— Nath 7$

“The B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo has great courses and lessons that many new and experienced dancers can gain from. The 14 styles of footwork course was one of my favorites as it helped me explore new ways to do footwork and redefine old ones I already knew. It’s a great way to learn but also deepen everything you know about breaking.”

— Curt Rage, The Elusives, USA

“I strongly recommend the Dojo for anybody who wants to up their foundation game. It’s a one of a kind knowledge bank that can benefit even the most professional dancers. The B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo has taught me to take my breaking to a more professional level in all ways not forgetting the thrill of breaking, simply enjoying it at the same time”

— MattiWatti (Joensuu B-Boys, Tuff ry, Finnish champion 2015)

“Definitely a visionary move from 2 of the best in the game. ”

— DJ Renegade, Hip Hop Pioneer, UK

“Anyone in the world can get a lot of knowledge in an easy way thanks to the Dojo. The course cleaned up all my foundation properly, it gave me a better form, and understanding for each movement so far.”

— B-Boy B, B8B crew

“Sign up to BBOY DOJO website and get that knowledge!”

— Mr. Wiggles, Hip Hop Legend, US

Remember, if you’re not satisfied there is a 30-day money back guarantee — no questions asked! If you’ve watched the first lecture, completed the homework and still aren’t satisfied for any reason, just send me an email and I will directly give you a full refund.

Basic Plan

19,90 / 24 USD

  • 45 progressive instructional videos for complete beginners and intermediate dancers covering all the toprock, footwork, power moves and freezes that every beginner needs to know
  • NORMAL PRICE 123,5€!


  • BONUS #1 – The 14 Styles of Footwork (97€ value)
  • BONUS #2 – Nefeli “b-girl sMash” Tsiouti’s Prevention of injuries lecture
Remember, if you're not satisfied there is a 30-day money back guarantee -- no questions asked!
Frequently asked questions:

How much is the course in my currency?

You will still be charged in Euros, but either your credit card or PayPal will convert the final price for you.

Price in different currencies:

  • 24,11 USD
  • 17,71 GBP

When does the course start and finish?

You’ll have access to the material immediately, and you will be able to go through them at your own pace. We’ll also be running webinars, and you’ll also be able to access to these forever after you sign up!

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course! So cool, right?

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

We’ve worked super hard to make this a course which won’t disappoint, but if you still feel that you’re not satisfied there’s a 30-day money back guarantee!

What do I do if I need help?

Just shoot over an e-mail to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

How long does the course take to complete?

It really depends on how fast you progress as a dancer and also on your previous experience. We recommend moving through the course at a 1-2 month pace.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes! We support PayPal, and also any other credit cards that you want to pay with.