Privacy policy


1. General

This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) is applicable for the use of personal information at the following sites and for the Services provided (“Services”) on them:;; and/or (“the Server”). The Server and Services are operated and provided to you by and the data controller and collector is [ B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo, Harjukatu 6 C 77, 00500, Helsinki, FI, 2678359-2,] (hereinafter “The service provider” and/or “we”).

We honour your rights and your wishes regarding the management of your personal information. In order to offer you Services, we may, from time to time, request different kinds of information from you. This Privacy Policy describes the methods, how the service provider collects and uses your personal information, the options you have, and how you can inform us about your choices.

2. Scope of application

By accessing to the Server and/or using the Services, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy in particular. If you do not agree to all of the following terms and limitations, please discontinue using the Server or the Services.

In this Privacy Policy the word “personal information” means user information, such as your name, e-mail or home address, and all other user information, which you provide or which we may collect according to the applicable legislation.

3. Use of personal information

The information sent to the Server and/or Services is used for that purpose that it are collected.

The personal information is collected in order to collect customer information for the Service provider, track the user traffic of the Server and the Services, identify users and to plan and develop the business and Services of the Service Provider. With your consent, which you may withdraw at any time, the Service provider may use your personal information for direct advertising purposes connected to the Server and/or Services, or any other Services provided by the Service Provider at the moment or in the future. Your personal information can be also used for market research and other researches connected to the Server and/or the Services.

The Service Provider may collect the following personal information connected to the use of Services, in case you decide to provide them:

  • E-mail address
  • Name
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Domicile
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Mother tongue

The Service Provider collects personal information of the user, when the user registers as the user of the Services or when he/she updates his/her profile or uses the Services.

By inputting your personal information on forms or otherwise providing your personal information to the Service Provider, you approve the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information according to this Privacy Policy for the limited purposes given in this Privacy Policy.

4. Sharing of personal information

You approve that the Service Provider may share and/or disclose your personal information for appropriate authorities, if this is necessary in order to conform to the applicable law or regulations. The Service Provider uses subcontractors for implementing Services and personal information are shared for these subcontractors, if and only in the scope as it is necessary in order to implement Services.

The Service Provider does not transfer your personal information outside EU and/or EEA.

5. Using cookies

The Service Provider uses cookies in order to identify you when you visit the Server or use the Services.

6. Accuracy of information

You pledge to provide us accurate information when you register to use the Services.

After your registration you can view your profile by contacting the Services with the username and password. You can also alter, update or remove information you have given either by logging in to the Services or by contacting our customer service.

You have also the right to delete or update incorrect, incomplete, out-of-date or unnecessary personal information, and The Service Provider can also, also without a separate notice, correct or remove all incorrect, incomplete, out-of-date or unnecessary personal information.

You have also the right to prohibit the Service Provider from using your personal information for marketing purposes or market research at any time.

You can use your rights by contacting the Service Provider by sending e-mail to The Service Provider will handle your request without unnecessary delay.

7. Retaining, verifying and updating of personal information

The Service Provider retains your personal information as long as it is necessary for those purposes for which the personal information was originally collected.

Every user can connect to the Services only by using his or her personal username and password.

The personal information collected by the Service Provider is retained at servers, which is protected according to the general procedures of the business.

If you have any questions related to this Privacy Policy or if you want to verify the personal information in our possession, please contact us by e-mail to

8. Links to third party webpages

The Service Provider may offer links to other websites. Linked sites are not under the authority of the Service Provider and the Service Provider is not responsible for the contents of them or the contents of their links. If you visit a linked site, you shall verify separately the privacy policies and other practices of such site.

9. Children

Children under 15 years old are not allowed to register as the Service users.

10. Other terms and regulations

The Finnish law is applicable for this Privacy Policy and the management of personal information based on the Privacy Policy.

The Service Provider has the right, based on its free consideration, to change this Privacy Policy at any time. When the Service Provider changes this Privacy Policy, we will display the updated version on the Server.

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