20+ years in the making …

It’s finally here. 

A complete breakdown of how I train to win the biggest battles on the planet – all while staying true to my style and approach. 



If you want to know how to train to perform your BEST in any battle you enter:

– hit your biggest moves on command
– always stand out in the prelims
– never run out of material

Then my new course can show you how.

My name is Menno, the world’s first 3-time winner of the Red Bull BC One championship and #7 on the WDSF Olympic rankings.

All of this wasn’t because I was talented.

When I started breaking in the 2000s, everyone was hitting next-level powermoves, but my body refused to let me move like that.

I knew right away that if I wanted to make an impact, I had to find my own approach.

And that approach has led me to win all the big 1-on-1’s: UK B-Boy Champs, Hip Opsession, Unbreakable, R16, Battle of the Year, Chelles Battle Pro – building my career as a pro b-boy, getting me sponsorships, and traveling the world to teach, judge and compete.

What I loved about my approach was that I didn’t worry about battle “tactics” or tricks to manipulate my opponent.

All I had to do was shine with my style.

That nervousness you get that chokes you up…

Running out of material and energy right when it counts…

Getting caught up with executing moves and missing the music completely…

I figured out simple ways to overcome all those challenges that I believe can help ANY b-boy or b-girl aspiring to reach the biggest stages.

Before now, I’ve never really shared these things outside of my crew.

And I’ve never seen anyone else teach these ideas.

So for the first time ever, I’ve taken all the lessons I’ve learned preparing for and winning countless battles… and packaged them into my new course:

battle breakthrough

battle preparation with B-Boy menno

Inside is a collection of different mindsets, tools, and exercises to help you develop your style to be competitive, flow freely with your movement even under pressure, and simply… win more battles.

You’ll get to see behind the scenes what it takes to become a champion, and you won’t have to change your style to achieve it.

Instead, I’m going to show you how to deepen it, and make your mind & body as ready as it can be.

And the concepts in this course will work for you even if you’re one of the haters who think my style is wack 😂.

That way, the next time you enter a battle… you’ll make everyone go “wow, who is this and why have I never heard of them?”

Here’s what’s inside: 


Battle Preparation

  • Why training the same way all the time is hurting your performance
  • One of the most important things you need to do at practice if you want to excel in battles
  • How to practice if you don’t have much time in the studio (but have spare time on the bus or train)
  • How to train your stamina even if you don’t have anyone to practice with 
  • What you should do 2 days before a competition
  • How to get proper nutrition even if you’re travelling a lot 

Developing Your Style

  • The two keys to growing your style and originality, even if you haven’t “mastered” all the foundational moves yet 
  • The technique I used to transform my style from the “baby-freeze” guy to where it is now
  • My “craftsmen” mentality to breaking that’s helped me become a constant innovator 
  • Different ways to be inspired in your movement – to avoid blank page syndrome and get out of patterns
  • How to develop the details of your dance that will elevate your breaking to an international level

Passing Prelims

  • Why you shouldn’t focus on having the best round, and what to focus on instead
  • A non-obvious way to make the judges curious to see more of you

Managing Your Energy

  • How to wake yourself up right before the battle
  • What to avoid doing during the day 
  • Why I get stronger over the course of the competition

Memory Hacks

  • My personal method for using Instagram to keep track of my progress (and stop deathscrolling at the same time)
  • My entire process for memorizing my material that’ll make your material so concrete that you’ll be able to execute “on demand” the right moves for the moment
  • How I adapted the “memory castle” technique that memory champions use to help me remember all my moves under pressure

Movement Studies: 

  • Practice how to move and create without overthinking 
  • Learn an advanced transition that you can use whenever you feel lost
  • How to develop your material to make it look different and avoid doing your habits in battles
  • Learn to “fish” for new moves: see how I explore movement centered around the baby freeze that you can apply to all areas of your breaking 

Understanding Breaking: 

  • How to understand what is “good breaking” so you know how to improve it
  • Why beginners aren’t impressed by footage that the top breakers love
  • Learn how your favourite dancers developed their style
  • How I approach music
  • The battle attitude you need to have to present yourself with confidence

You’ll see there’s no order you gotta take things in. 

That’s because there isn’t a straight path to becoming a champion. 

There are so many doors you gotta unlock on your way to your goals. 

But instead of spending years trying to find the keys yourself… imagine having the right key at your fingertips, accessible anytime you want. 

The sooner you start this course, the sooner you’ll be able to give yourself an advantage over the competition. 

And it can be yours for just 249, but only until Jan. 22, when I move the price back up to 299. 

Don’t hesitate. 

It could cost you the next battle. 



“Battle Breakthrough helped me make a comeback to competitive breaking. Battling again after 4 years comes with a lot of pressure, but Menno’s experience gave me the tools I needed to enter the 40+ Battle with confidence. My favourite parts: his memory hacks to remember moves more efficiently, and how to maintain your energy during long competition days. There’s nothing like this course out there!”

— B-Boy Focus, Flow Mo Crew
"Battle Breakthrough"


One-time, or 6 Monthly Payments of 55€

Get Lifetime Access to “Battle Breakthrough”:

  • Battle Preparation
  • Developing Your Style
  • Passing Prelims
  • Managing Your Energy
  • Memory Hacks
  • Movement Studies
  • Understanding Breaking 

*327 USD one time or 60 USD/mo

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