Mr. Wiggles Original Hip Hop Dance & Party Rock Basic Plan!

We’re really excited to have you on board — we’re confident that you will love the course. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to!

Here’s a reminder of everything you’ll be getting with the basic plan:

  • Nearly 2 full hours of highly inspirational and instructional material, from the legend Mr. Wiggles himself, breaking down the foundation of Hip Hop grooves and Party Rock moves
  • A recorded Q+A where Mr. Wiggles addresses the most common questions about Hip Hop and Breaking and an exclusive recorded interview on Hip Hop history
  • Access to the exclusive Dojo online community, where you can share development and connect with other motivated people worldwide.
  • BONUS THIS WEEK ONLY: Toprock Intensive Training Lesson by B-Boy Focus breaking down drills, steps and combos
  • PLUS the Mr. Wiggles Breakbeats Mixtape and TWO Dojo Exclusive Mixtapes