The Art of Power Flow by Pluto

Here’s a reminder of everything you’ll get with The Art of Power Flow:

Module 1: Power Preparation

  • Targeted bodyweight and resistance band routines for muscle activation and explosiveness.
  • 8 specific kettlebell exercises to enhance speed and sharpness for power moves.

Module 2: Ground Power Basics

  • In-depth tutorials on key ground power moves like mills and halos, with focus on correct techniques.
  • Drills for avoiding common mistakes and maintaining proper form and leg swing.

Module 3: Airflares Step-by-Step

  • Techniques for mastering airflare swings, entries, and first rotation, suitable for varying skill levels.
  • Advanced methods for sustaining multiple airflare rounds and enhancing height and control.

Module 4: Style Meets Power

  • Strategies for integrating power moves into personal style, including practice structuring and original combo creation.
  • Focus on momentum and power mechanics for smoother transitions and more impactful performance.

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