Master the 8-Ball Sweep
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Mastering the eight ball sweep with B-Boy Focus

In this video I break down the eight ball sweep concept and give you a pattern that you can use as a drill to master your sweep and flow in both directions.


  1. Avatar Eduardo says:

    Soy bboy Chávez de Argentina de la crew stupi2 punkys bailo ya hace 20 años tengo 34 años y me gustaría aprender más fundamentos

  2. Avatar Erzhan says:

    I don’t know English
    L’m sorry
    But l want to improvemy footwork and so that it is perfect and do not lose the flow can go to

  3. Avatar Xan says:

    Thankyou for this brother 🔥it is really helpfull..Hoping to learn more from you.

  4. Avatar Dora says:

    super dope! <3

    1. Avatar Bboy lainer says:

      very good brother thanks for your advice

  5. Avatar Sherry rai says:

    I really love this move. And definitely I will learn this move. Thanks

  6. Avatar hicham bourai says:

    hicham bourai

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