How to Take Your Footwork from Good to Great
4 Ways to Fix Your Footwork Form
The 6 Pillars of Footwork Mastery
Online Masterclass with Focus - Jun 6
How to Take Your Footwork from Good to Great

To reach the grand master level in your footwork, it takes more than just hard work. You need to develop and deepen your understanding of the craft itself.


  1. Avatar esma says:

    Hi sensei, I am from b-girl from Turkey. We have not enough bgirl crew in Turkey and I feel that this is the mission for me to improving this culture in my country. I want to join your online classes but when I change class price to turkish money its getting very high. 1 dolar is 10 turkish money now.. Can I join your classes like one workshop ?

    Best regards,
    bgirl stance

  2. Avatar KEVIN says:


  3. Avatar Folksy says:

    Indonesian bboy here for knowledge, thankss Focus 🙏

    1. Avatar Anjali Rai says:

      Thankyou so much 😇 👍

  4. Avatar Lindah says:

    Thanks alot

  5. Avatar Yon2 says:

    got it!
    will practice!

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