What if you could flow & freestyle with your tops, footwork… AND your powermoves? 

What if you could blow it up with your style … and impress the judges when they see you got it all? 

After years of mastering the biggest tricks and combos, I’ve spent the last 10 years unlocking the secrets to making my powermoves flow with every element of breaking.



Not only has unlocking my power flow helped me win the biggest events on the planet – like Outbreak Europe, Radikal Forze Jam, WGTF – with my crew Ruffneck Attack, it’s made the dance even more fun when the things I imagine in my head… I can actually try them.

But if you’re here, I know you’ve been trying.

Learning power is hard.

You won’t believe the amount of people I’ve seen give up trying to master power because they hurt themselves with bad technique that they tried to figure out from YouTube.

But after today, that’s not going to be you any longer.

Even if you wondered “why am I not getting this?” after months of practicing.

Because after over a decade of constant experimenting and labbing to make even the hardest powermoves and tricks just another part of my flow …

I’ve condensed the most important lessons into my new course that you can watch in just one day:



The ARt of Power Flow

Powermove Mastery with B-Boy Pluto

portrait of b-boy PlutoThat’s me. Pluto 🙂

Now, there’s a way to learn the technique so that you feel like you’re flying, integrate it into your style, and do it all in less time so you don’t have to spend hours at practice.

For most people learning powermoves, it’s always the same old story: their wrists are screaming, their shoulders are dying, and they’re googling everything they can about knee meniscus tears.

It’s an everyday Battle of Bruises, where the ground is hard, and the falls are harder.

But the path I show you will save you months, or even years of joint injuries and frustration struggling to crack the secret to powermoves alone.

Here’s what’s inside: 


Module 1: Power Preparation

The most underrated key to my success: properly preparing my body. This is the true foundation that will accelerate your results, instead of wasting time struggling to know why you aren’t progressing. Once you commit to these exercises, learning power will be practically guaranteed.

  • Learn my targeted bodyweight warm-up routine, fine-tuned to wake up your muscles for a hardcore training session 
  • Activate your nervous system and get extra explosiveness with my super simple resistance band warm-up routine 
  • Build the explosiveness, speed, and sharpness that you need for powermoves with my 8 essential kettlebell exercises that you can do with just one kettlebell

Module 2: Ground Power Basics

Mastering power means mastering your ground power first. To give you the correct technique, I’ve created in-depth video lessons with all the details that YouTube tutorials lack. Combining your newly-developed strength from Module 1 with the technique you learn here, means you’ll be spending less time learning the move, and more time making it your own.

  • Get step-by-step progressions for barrel mills, baby mills, belly mills, australians, tombstones, halos, and halo variations like one-hand halos and no-hand halos
  • Avoid the most common mistakes when learning ground power
  • Simple drills to teach you how to swing your legs properly, keep proper form, and learn the necessary techniques 

Module 3: Airflares Step-by-Step

Now that you’ve got ground power on lock, it’s time to learn airflares from start to finish. Here you will learn to master the swing, your arm/leg form, controlled entries, and continuous rounds. One of the most popular air power moves, I break it down into 3 stages of learning.

  • Step 1: Learn to swing (even if you don’t have handstand yet) to master the entrance and keep your hips afloat
    • The easiest way to practice the proper technique for the leg swing, even if your handstand is not that strong
    • NOT just swinging it really fast 
    • Learn to distribute your weight
    • Exercises to help you really work on your swing, and a way to know if you’re doing the swing correctly
  • Step 2: Get your first rotation
    • Mastering the entrance into airflare that will help with your entrance into all powermoves
    • How to hinge your hips, swing, get the right angle for your upper body, and have the right timing 
  • Step 3: Learn the art of catching yourself and maintaining multiple rounds in the air
    • Get the right shoulder angle to make multiple rounds easier
    • The “Squeeze-up” method to help you get that extra height
    • How to shift your body weight when you catch 
    • What to expect when you’re training to get multiple rounds

Module 4: Style Meets Power

Now for the gold. This module is the essence of my life’s work as a b-boy and my style. Here, you’ll take your power skills to the next level by optimizing your training schedule, creating your own original combos and variations, and making your powermoves flow like butter. Everything here has been designed to ensure that you don’t become just another move robot… and instead develop a master’s understanding of flow.

  • Learn how to structure your practice time to maximize the quality of your training, avoid wasting time in your practice, know the best time of day to practice, and improve even faster 
  • Learn the 3 key mindsets to develop your own style of powermoves and my framework for making original powermoves that transformed the way I moved in just 6 months 
  • Dive deep into the mechanics of momentum and power to understand how I make my rounds feel effortless while still blowing it up with the audience, and easily transition in and out of your power with footwork and different levels 
  • All thriller and no filler: discover how I think about my moves and rounds to maximize the impact of every move I do so I avoid wasting the judge’s time

Together, these 4 modules equip you with everything you need to make your style more dynamic and powerful. You’ll learn the moves with the right technique, and stop wasting time frustrated or injured, and spend more time creating your own unique flow.

This is the kind of knowledge that I wish I had years ago. It would have saved me so much time, and I could have been much further in my breaking career. It took me 10 years to figure out these ideas, but lucky for you, you get to “shortcut” all of the struggle.

“For me, the biggest challenge is to incorporate with my rounds. I'm dynamic, but for some reason power doesn't come easy for me. I can do it in practice, but not in a battle. So that is the hardest thing for me. Somehow, Pluto makes it simple. And I can feel like 'OK, I can do it too'.”

— B-Boy Hat Solo, Flow Mo Crew, Finland

“Training with Pluto has really helped me with powermoves. Like how to transition from other components of breaking into powermoves. He has great techniques and drills to teach you, and also has a great way of making you be more creative yourself which I feel is even more important. There's also a very clear progression on which exercise to do for what powermoves. Highly recommended. Have fun!”

— B-Boy P-Tech, Skill Bill Zoo/Floorphilia

The Dojo Code of Honour

I worked really closely with Focus and the B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo team to make sure this course delivers results. That’s why I’m confident that you’ll love it and we’re willing to take on all the risk for you.

This is our promise: take 30 days to try the course. If after going through the modules and applying the lessons you still don’t feel like your powermoves are getting stronger, your flow getting smoother, or your technique getting cleaner, just email Focus at info@bboydojo.com and we’ll send you a full refund. No questions asked.

You literally risk nothing by trying it out today.


Join now for just one payment of €299 or with our monthly plan 

Some of you might be wondering… where are the lessons on 90s, UFOs, turtles, airflare 1.5s, jackhammers, 2000s, hand hops, elbow tracks, etc.? 

When I started working out the list of topics to cover and focus on, I realized that the list could go on forever. There have been so many moves created in the past 50 years of breaking that I’d never finish the course. 

So instead, I focused on the essentials that will give you the skills and techniques that you can apply in all areas of your breaking. And most importantly, I wanted to give you the theory behind how to integrate all of these moves into your flow. 

The last thing I wanted was for you to come out of this only able to do 1 or 2 rounds out of some generic powermove entry, then crash into footwork or backrocks. Instead with this course, when you do those 1 or 2 rounds, you’ll do them with an original entry and exit that’ll make your whole style look way more powerful. 

This course isn’t going to give you every single powermove that’s ever been done. It’s going to give you something even more impactful: a way to flow with your power and style that’ll make you a complete b-boy or b-girl. 

"The Art of Power Flow" Complete Package


One-time, or 6 Monthly Payments of 55€

Lifetime access to the following:

Module 1: Power Preparation

  • Targeted bodyweight and resistance band routines for muscle activation and explosiveness.
  • 8 specific kettlebell exercises to enhance speed and sharpness for power moves.

Module 2: Ground Power Basics

  • In-depth tutorials on key ground power moves like mills and halos, with focus on correct techniques.
  • Drills for avoiding common mistakes and maintaining proper form and leg swing.

Module 3: Airflares Step-by-Step

  • Techniques for mastering airflare swings, entries, and first rotation, suitable for varying skill levels.
  • Advanced methods for sustaining multiple airflare rounds and enhancing height and control.

Module 4: Style Meets Power

  • Strategies for integrating power moves into personal style, including practice structuring and original combo creation.
  • Focus on momentum and power mechanics for smoother transitions and more impactful performance.

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*324 USD one time or 60 USD/mo

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