How DONALD TRUMP Almost Owned the Birthplace of HIP HOP

Knowing your history always makes you better dancer, and I’m always diggin’ for knowledge. You won’t believe this crazy story I stumbled upon earlier this year at the Cornell Hip Hop Collection!

I had already known about 1520 Sedgwick Ave and DJ Kool Herc’s first parties there, but what I didn’t know was the true story of how the building almost got sold out to Donald Trump!

Episode Notes:

  • [0:40] – The Birthplace of HIp Hop, 1520 Sedgewick Ave. in the Bronx
  • [0:44] – Where the first DJ of Hip Hop rocked his first party
  • [1:11] – The flyer for the first party in the Bronx
  • [1:32] – The NY Times article of the community center
  • [2:01] – How the building was sold to a group of investors
  • [2:23] – “It’s literally like saying Donald Trump wants to buy a 100-unit rent stabilized building in the middle of nowhere”
  • [3:08] – The place was also being called the birthplace of predatory equity
  • [3:22] – The building was taken over by the Workforce Housing Advisors, specializing in preserving working class housing
  • [3:52] – I went to the birthplace of Hip Hop myself, to rock a set or two 😉
  • [4:19] – Always remain a student. Knowing the history makes you a stronger bboy or bgirl.

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