The Highlights of Flow Mo Anniversaries

A lot of people have asked us how to build on the local scene? The answer is besides teaching you have to keep throwing events for the scene as well, not only train and represent yourself. AND you have to stay consistent with it year after year. Let me take you back to some highlights of the Flow Mo Anniversaries this far.

This year we turn sweet 16, the official birthday of the crew was actually 2 weeks ago. So officially Flow Mo Crew was formed when two crews, MidPoint Rockers and Savage Feet, joined forces 16 years and 2 weeks back in a meeting in central Finland with big plans to take over the world.

After we’d been together for some years the chemistry was great but we mostly rocked jams out side the country. We decided to throw an anniversary jam to build with the scene back home. Our mission was to bring out the best in the scene to Helsinki and make it a memorable night.

The crews five year anniversary jam was the first one we threw in 2007. We flew out our favorite dj Skeme Richards and many of our favorite dancers like Wary from France, Ynot and Dark Marc. An all cyphers jam on the first opening night of a brand new club RedRum with the best sound system in the city, the night turned out incredible.

Looking back feels kind of funny that I remember being a little worried if Crazy Legs would call us out for throwing an Anniversary event haha. Even though today half the crews out there throw anniversaries, during the time there were really not too many others besides Rock Steady Anniversary in New York.

After a successful weekend we decided to make it happen between every five years.

Five years went by quick so it was time to do another event. With so many competitions out there we wanted to do something closer to an original cypher battle. B-boy Wartecs of the crew had developed a new battle concept called the NHB (comes from the words No Holdin’ Back).

With NHB there are no round limits. As soon as the judges know who’s the winner, they’ll raise a flag. With three flags up we have a decision. The battle can last anywhere from one round to ten, no tie breakers. This brought more rawness and an element of surprise in the competition as well.

We introduced the concept in our ten year anniversary jam and it was a success. This made us turn the jam into a yearly event with the same concept.

Ever since the first one our mission hasn’t changed though. We still aim to bring our the people we respect in the scene. Another highlight was this judges show with Casper and Karim Barouche. Neither of them could be found judging events those years so it was honor to share the floor with them:

As far as the NHB competition, we gotta give it up to b-boy Hoo Hoo from Finland for winning it three times. Another highlight was Intact beasting the battles in 2014. He took everybody out with almost no effort.

Last year’s edition was straight amazing. We managed to get one of our all time favorite rap groups Smif-N-Wessun to rock the after party. It turned out to be a party I’ll never forget. The battle had the highest level ever this far with Kuzya from Ukraine ending up taking the tittle against Ami from Japan.

So it’s time get ready for this year’s edition that’s going down May 26th! Skeme Richards returns as the resident dj among many others. The Finnish funk sensation Ernie Hawks & The Soul Investigators will perform a concert in the after party which is an absolute honor as well. Poe One returns to teach workshops and judge. Absolute freshness ahead, hope to see you around as well 🙂

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