Are you tired of breaks?

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A topic that often arises during travels and workshops is the music. A lot of concerns on the music in the battles today. Simply put, a lot of people say they’re tired of breaks.

Here’s what I usually answer to that. I think people are disconnected from breaks to begin with. The music they hear in most of the battles is not original breakbeats, most of the time today it’s music produced for breakdance battles.

This music already has another purpose than the original breaks. The original breaks were songs done for the sake of making great music in general. When a dj found a great break he would emphasize it with playing doubles. The other sections of the song work as a build up and when eventually the break drops, there’s a reason for it. When we strip out all of the other parts of the music it leaves the break empty with no feeling. The beauty of the actual musical piece of art is not the same no more.

When people say they’re tired of breaks I believe they never even experienced real breaks yet. Real breakbeats are not simply the drum break all night long, during battles and between battles. To truly experience the break is when the dj builds up the tension in a party and finally the break drops and the party goes wild.

To truly witness the meaning of a break is to see a funk band live and when they’ve rocked the show the break drops and singer can’t help but get down.

To truly experience the break is to understand how the dj works. After countless hours of digging for new records finally something new is found that will eventually become his sound as a dj that he will be recognised for. To feel the amount of work put into the dj’s craft on the dance floor when the break drops.

To truly experience the break is to rock the cypher when the break eventually drops! There is a time to start your round, a time to drop on the floor and a time to finish your round. When the connection with the music becomes natural it’s a beautiful thing to follow. That’s the truth of this b-boy & b-girl thing.

So the next time you feel you’re tired of breaks remember this. The truth, inspiration and expression lies deeper if you keep digging. Your work as a student is never done. Go deeper.

-Focus /

Catching breaks at the cyphers of Silverback Open last weekend


  1. Avatar Andrey says:

    Very simply put and true. I agree 100%. The video also makes a good point.
    I think we should emphasize more on this. The breaks are like “the cherry on top” ALL THE TIME. There is no build-up, no journey. Hopefully the good ones(dj’s) will pop up again. Thx.

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