How to win Red Bull BC One

As you probably know, the Red Bull BC One world finals will go down this weekend in Amsterdam. The line up is chosen and it’s looking pretty sick. What will it take to win the title this year?

On a world class stage like this there are many aspects to consider. Any battle will be tough, there are no easy opponents. So first off anyone saving stuff for battles later on will most likely be eliminated the first rounds. Having been there on the stage battling I can tell you it’s not an easy thing to go hard the first rounds either. Walking on the stage from the backstage the whole environment and the energy changes dramatically. If you’re used to smaller jams you need to approach it in a new way. You need to build your dance to be a show of its own and bring the energy from within yourself. You have to be ready to beat any and everyone on the other side of the battle.

To get some extra input I contacted a previous winner, Hustle Kidz champ from 2014 b-boy Menno, to ask him the same simple question: What does it take to win BC One? Here’s what he replied.

Menno thinks the hardest opponent is the dancer him/herself going against personal limitations, self doubts and finding confidence for a huge stage by him/herself. “I think you need to be able to beat yourself first.”

Other important aspects for Menno are presentation and variety: “Show confidence, a big arsenal of material and foundation mixed the right way..”

In the heat of the moment it also comes down being able to relax, let go and dance.

“Take the moment, battle like a warrior but play it like a game of chess”

One huge factor in BC One is the amount of rounds. If you reach the final battle you will have to have a wide arsenal in case you don’t want to repeat your moves. The rounds in solo competitions nowadays are ofter stacked with material which doesn’t make it any easier. To make it to the final it takes nine rounds already (3-3-3) and the final has been 5 rounds during the last years as well. That’s 14 rounds total. With that in mind the arsenal of moves and originality only is not enough, you have to have a stamina of a beast! Gassing out is not an option.

A good idea is to take a look at the judges line up before entering the battle. This year’s panel has AT, Crazy Legs, Intact, Hong 10 and Niek. Knowing the judges always helps to see what it takes to win. With a qualified panel like this you’d expect nothing less than complete b-boying to make it. Knowing one style might not be enough, you’d have be able to surprise the judges as well round after round. With a panel like this dance ability is a must, not just moves!

Eventually strategy becomes one of the most important aspects. With everyone already being on a dope level, to take these guys out it’s more about how you respond to the rounds. Can you throw in burns and top whatever your opponent is throwing at you? I believe that’s one of the key elements to win this weekend.

Who do you have for the title? I’ve got my bets on Moy. 83’s in the house, he has a long career, the stamina of a beast and original concepts for days. And he battles like a monster. Let me know your choice by commenting below!

Enjoy the show, if you’re not there live catch the live stream on Saturday!

-Focus /

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